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6 Nov 2018

You might say that Tony Memmel owes his music career to Gorilla Tape. Born without a left hand, it was a challenge to be able to play guitar. Tony was a teenager when he experimented with different materials to try to engineer a device he could attach to his arm to hol...

“I knew if I could have any dream job it would be roasting all day every day or sourcing coffee.  I really love the culture of coffee, the history and education. Coffee is so complex and not giving its due credit by the masses but in a depression would be one of the fi...

22 Oct 2018

Like Clark Kent, Hunter Mounce has an alter ego. He’s a firefighter by day and a country singer-songwriter by night. “It’s almost like I live two different lives, but they’re constantly balancing each other out. I’m really lucky that I’m in a position to do them both f...

8 Oct 2018

Earlier this year, guitarist Kyle Lewis did something that many other Nashville musicians aspire to do -- he quit his day job. After several years of paying his dues playing in various bands and teaching guitar lessons on the side, he was ready to take the gamble. And...




Music City is hosting an event of epic proportions, a PUNK COUNTRY COMEDY NIGHT!

If you’re looking for an event that will lead the revolution while taking you back to your roots while making you laugh well, look no further than the Teal A...

18 Sep 2018

A stop in Nashville at the end of the 2014 Vans Warped Tour was life-changing for Canadian pop singer-songwriter Liz Labelle. After traveling the United States as a solo act on the tour, Liz says “this city just stayed with me.” Even though it would mean leaving her ho...

3 Sep 2018

If the songs on Flyte Three’s new EP are reminiscent of Americana folk music from a bygone era, it’s because the sisters who comprise the acoustic group grew up listening to the likes of Gordon Lightfoot, Emmylou Harris, and Nanci Griffith. On Second Thought features s...

21 Aug 2018

When singer-songwriter Mark Burke played his very first gig, his set list consisted of just eight songs – one by Kenny Chesney; one by Toby Keith; and the rest by Eric Church. Fast forward eight years! He now has a repertoire of more than 150 songs, with regular perfor...

It’s the same old story.

You’ve all heard it before.

Guy has a dream in his heart and a guitar in his hands.

Fingers create vibrations, vibrations become chords, chords become songs, and the songs lead him to Nashville.

The struggling musician has stars in his eyes, and th...

4 Aug 2018

Once upon a time there was a boy in Iowa and a girl in South Carolina. Both grew up with a love and passion for writing and music. They both, still not knowing each other, followed their hearts and moved to Nashville. Their dreams first came true when landing jobs in t...

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